What Is Travis Eating?

By on November 3, 2016

A question I get all the time…

“Travis, what do you eat over the course of the day?”

That or I’m asked, “Travis, what do you eat on training days?”

To give you a glimpse, I went ahead and listed everything out for you below.

This is from yesterday:

Breakfast (430am)

150g of Siggi’s 0% Greek Yogurt

2 Scoops Hemp Force Chocolate

2 Angelic Foods Sprouted Grain Wrap

3 Cage Free Eggs

***I mix the yogurt and Hemp Force together to make a nice little “pudding” then spread it on the wraps and top with the egg

Pre-Workout (9am – 90 mins before)

1 Medium Banana

Epic Bar – Venison

1 Scoop Onnit EGN

10g BCAA’s mixed into EGN

Post Workout (Immediately Post Training)

3 Scoops Onnit Recovery Protein

2 Scoops Glycofuse

5g Creatine

Lunch (2pm)

 1/2 Cup White Rice

7 oz Lean Turkey Breast

Tbsp Coconut Oil

Topped w/ Spicy Mustard

Snack (430pm)

RX Bar – Chocolate Sea Salt

Dinner (745pm)

 8 oz Sweet Potato

8 oz Ground Bison

Mixed Greens (Chopped Kale, Spinach, Cauliflower, Cucumber)

2 tbsp Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette 


That’s what the day looked like.

Nothing special.

Nothing fancy

Just GOOD food :)

In the RIGHT amounts.


I hit my NUMBERS.

Cals and Macros that is.

Thing is this…

While I can show you exactly what I eat, you could certainly eat exact same thing, but would that ensure you get the same results as I do?

Would it even ensure you get any results at all?



Because I’m different from you.

YOU’RE different from me.

We all have a unique need.

We all have different NUMBERS in accordance to our personal “systems”.

Of course this is where you need to tie in things like your overall goal.

What you’re doing as far as training goes.

What you stress levels are like in life.

Your sleep.

Past diet history.

This is where people drop the ball with their nutrition.

They don’t take a lot of this stuff into consideration.

If not that, it’s they usually they just eat a bunch of shit that isn’t helping their body

OR, not eating enough.

Could be a LOT of different things.

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