Are You Ready To Cut Through The Mountain of BS And Uncover The TRUTH ON How You Can Achieve Faster Gains In Lean Muscle, Explosive Strength, And Maximized Fat Loss?

UNLEASHED: Proven Training Method That Will Forge A Lean, Powerful, And Strong Spartan-Like Physique That’s Tough, Built To Last, And Ready For Anything

It’s Time To Let You In On The Brand-New, Highly Evolved “Controlled Chaos” Training System Which UNLOCKS The Exact Formula You Need To Crush Your Workouts While Becoming Your Leanest, Strongest, and Fittest Ever…

From The Desk Of Travis Stoetzel, Real World Strength Coachbarbell-warrior

OK, so I’m going to be straight up with you here and cut right to the chase.

You’re here for a couple main reasons…

The first is because you’re down right sick of all the BS made up workouts, unorganized training programs, and un-kept fitness promises.

Look, I get it – you’re confused, overwhelmed, and probably pretty damn frustrated, right?

I bet you’re pretty pissed off due to the fact that you’re NOT seeing the gains in strength, drops in bodyfat, and increases in lean athletic muscle you’ve wanted to see.

You’re angry because you work your freaking ass off and for what?

To see little to no results in return?

I bet from time to time you find yourself thinking, “What’s the damn point?”

TRUST me when I say, I can feel your frustration because I’ve been there too.

And it’s not just me and you. In fact, many of my clients from over the years have had to overcome these same issues of finding themselves stuck, plateaued, and pretty much on the edge of quitting.

You see, like you, many years ago I stood there searching through the magazines and reading the popular websites trying to find the newest, greatest, and best ways to train in order to get faster, better results…

All I wanted to do was learn the truth so I could wash away the gigantic mountain of BS that covered me.

It’s a fact, I’ve tried pretty much everything and I know what it’s like to feel buried under a load of piss-poor training PDF’s and follow-along workouts that you never actually… you know… follow.

The reason why is because I have a white-hot determination to discover a better way to achieve results faster.

And since you’ve read this far, it’s clear that YOU do too!

Because let’s think about it for a second here.

That determination I speak of that you and I share together wouldn’t exist if you weren’t on this page right now.

I know it’s there in you.

It’s like a tiny ball of fire that never goes out that fuels your engine which pushes you every day to get your butt outta bed so that you can work to get yourself better and achieve more.

How do I know this?

Well, I’ve got to tell you that it’s again pretty obvious this is the truth as you’re here reading this letter right now looking for an answer.

It’s a fact because why else would you be here if you didn’t truly care?


Why would you be here right now reading this page if you were actually content with your current training program and the results it’s been giving you?

Why would you be here right now reading these words if your were already 100% happy with the way your body looked in the mirror when you stand there looking at it in the bathroom every morning?

Come on, don’t lie to yourself now.

Be completely HONEST and answer this quick question…

Are you 100% HAPPY with where you stand with your current physique and performance results?

Can you click off this page right now and be totally fine with what you’ve already got?

If you answered NO (which I’m almost certain you did because you wouldn’t be here otherwise), then you’re in the right spot and I welcome you to continue on with unleashing more about how I’m going to smash through the BS and help you push above and beyond the barriers that are holding you back from your ultimate performance and physique goals.

Because it’s like I said…

You and I share a specific type of determination together.

We don’t mind putting in the hard work and pushing our bodies to the limit…

We don’t mind going for that extra rep, digging in for those extra few seconds, and welcoming in new challenges…

In fact, we seek this type of stuff out within our training because we want that challenge so that it makes us better and forces us grow stronger both in and out of the gym.

So, don’t YOU think it’s about time?

TIME for YOU to start shaking your head “YES” and saying to yourself “Heck Yeah!” to the strong, chiseled, and completely BADASS physique you see staring back at you in the mirror every morning…

TIME you started crushing personal best’s and setting new records while you build that Spartan-like Warrior frame you’ve always wanted.

Because let’s face it.

YOU want the hard work you put in to finally pay off and that my friend is exactly WHY you’re here.

Are YOU Ready To Discover The Newly Evolved “Controlled Chaos” Method that I Promised To Teach You?

You should be because this will be your key to getting what you want out of your training sessions so you can start to feeling and seeing the results you want.

It about becoming totally UNBREAKABLE…

But, in order for this to happen, I must force you to say goodbye to all the random and confusing “workouts of the day” that you’re probably doing without any rhyme or reason which are keeping you from getting the gains in strength and lean muscle that you so badly want.

Again, it’s because of these random workouts and lack of concrete structure and direction that you’re here right now reading this letter and wanting to be…

Stronger and Leaner…

Able to perform at a higher level and feel like a true BADASS Athlete…

And to be finally be done with all of the boring, time-wasting, and ineffective workouts…


So, I introduce to you….



The UNBREAKABLE BADASS Blueprint 2.0 is the one and only training program specifically designed to help you turn into a complete BADASS while ending your frustrations of NOT seeing noticeable and most importantly, faster results.

Seriously though, this kick ass program is designed with the most cutting-edge training principles in mind and not only will it help you in getting STRONG as hell, it will yield accelerated fat loss results while also turning you into a highly conditioned machine.

You’ll Know Exactly What To Do For Each And Every Training Session…

With UBB 2.0, You’ll unleash your inner athlete (whether you were an ex-athlete or not)…

This is the kind of program you might find the “fittest men on earth” putting themselves through to compete in “The Games”– or someone whose livelihood depends on being able to compete at high levels of fitness all across the board or to even save and protect lives. From conditioning and endurance… to strength and agility… You’ll build it all!

And, with the strategically designed set up of The UBB 2.0, you’ll not have to worry about getting injured or getting run down from lack of programming. You’re body will become UNBREAKABLE. You’ll be agile, mobile, explosive and strong as an ox.

Worst-case scenario, you complete this program and you don’t compete in any type of sports or events, you’ll still be in great shape and in actual reality, that’s probably the best-case scenario that you’ll be getting with this program anyways.

The absolute worst-case scenario is nothing but bad… you keep doing the same workouts your doing, following some poorly setup “program”, or you just keep guessing which training program to even do while you keep spinning your wheels.

Now, let’s talk about how to become a “TOTAL BADASS”

First and foremost, the UNBREAKABLE BADASS Blueprint 2.0 (UBB2.0) is a 15-week, 3 Phase System that is going to forge you into a complete wrecking machine.

I use the word “UNBREAKABLE” because that’s exactly what you’ll become – tough as nails and hard as steel-strong — you’ll be able to bust through walls, and break past any barriers that happen to stand in your way no matter what happens.

It’s also going to make you fitter in every sense of the word “fit”.

Whether you need to sprint as fast as you possible can, take on a 5k, or have to duck-walk, crawl, and run your way through a mud race, you’ll be ready.

Either way, even if you don’t compete in a sport, do Crossfit, run a mud race, or do some sort of other highly competitive and athletic challenge… you’ll be in the absolute best shape of your life!

You’ll laugh at everyone else with those “normal” non-existent fitness goals, who’s results are minimum at best who continue to follow their “random workout of the day” training sessions that get them nowhere…

The Secret lies within the PROVEN-Effective “Controlled Chaos” Method

c2methodYou see most programs that promise you “complete fitness” have it all wrong.

99.9% of them are all just “random workouts of the day” which is nice for constant variation in training, but NOT for long term results.

What the “C2” method does is harness the power of strategic and progressively built “controlled” strength training then blends that together in with the right amount of “chaos” for the exact stimulus you need that has proven time and time again to get RESULTS.

***It’s Taken Me YEARS To Come Up With This Special Formula and now I’m letting you have complete access to it within my Unbreakable Badass Blueprint 2.0 Training System!

The Focus Will Be Turned Towards You And How Much Of A “BADASS” You’ve Become!

Because seriously, You’ll be that guy…

So stick with me here – because, (if you’re like me) you’re going to enjoy finding out about what you’re about to unleash here…

This program completely goes against the grain of what most “functional” fitness coaches are “teaching” to guys like you. I’m talking about “nasty-little secrets” like…

  • How lifting “aggressively” will explode your gains in athletic strength, giving you the muscle-power you want and need to turn in a highly explosive beast
  • Why doing cardio separately from your workouts is a total WASTE of time and will yield you little to no results in terms of turning you into a LEAN and MEAN Badass (unless you do it right!).
  • How adding in a a special type of competitive event-style workouts into your routines will unleash your trapped inner athlete.
  • Why it’s simple to add lean muscle size and shred fat all while gaining strength because you’ll understand how to move through the 3 Phases of “Controlled Chaos” within UBB 2.0…

More specifically, you’ll going to uncover…

  • The progressions of highly effective strength and power exercises like snatches, power cleans, and other specific movements that will explode the fat burning potential and performance of everything else you do
  • The “GRINDER” method of cardio and resistance intervals – and why most cardio based programs won’t get you any where but sinking further down into a hole.
  • How to DOUBLE your strength and endurance, while cutting your workout time down in half…
  • The RIGHT WAY to do interval training and why doing it the this way will help you shred fat off your body like clockwork…
  • Lethal Combinations of Olympic Style lifts that will not only get you more functional and athletic – but will improve your ability to perform other key movements that build total body strength and power as well
  • The perfect workout set up for a lean, chiseled body that’s also athletic and functional – not stiff and puffy like most bodybuilders!
  • The super fast and effective “BADASS Warm-Up” that will not only build joint mobility and stability... but also explode your agility, and helping you burn even more fat…
  • The ONE AND ONLY WAY to get “shredded and strong” in 15 weeks or less. Don’t go by what anyone else tells you to do – from crunches to supplements to special workout gear — none of that crap is true nor does nothing else but slows down your progress
  • You’ll unleash the ability to quickly produce raw power and long-lasting strength within your body needed to explode through any workout, anytime, anywhere… It will become like an instinct within your mind and body for when ever you need it most – whether this be for a killer training session or for the thrill of a competitive activity, you’ll have it!

These important concepts when mixed with the 3 progressively built and specifically designed phases of UBB 2.0 are perfect for anyone looking to transform their bodies, unleash their inner athletes, and most importantly,- BECOME A TOTAL BADASS.

Here’s More About How The Unbreakable Badass Blueprint 2.0 Breaks Down…


With all great journey’s, there must always be a beginning and for this, we have CONSTRUCT Phase. Within this 4 week phase, you’ll start to build up your base of strength, conditioning, and power as you’ll be introduced to my patented “Controlled Chaos” method of programming. (C2). This type of programming will give you just the right amount of “randomness” but at the same time supply you with the right amount of progressive and consistent programming you need to build extreme levels of strength and conditioning all at once.

Everything you build within The CONSTRUCT Phase will carry over into what you do later within UBB 2.0 because this phase, you’ll be laying the groundwork by setting standards for different strength movements as well as conditioning. All I can say is that you had better be ready for some extreme gains in conditioning, power, and strength!

It’s in this phase that you’ll be specifically introduced to my special “CHAOS EXPOSURE Sessions” that are uniquely designed to “expose” you to different types of training set-ups and stimuli. From short, Metabolic-Conditioning style set-ups to Longer “Kardio-King” endurance type of sessions, you’ll become well balanced across all types of training domains.

But don’t be afraid 😉 Instead, unleash you inner BADASS that’s sitting by waiting to be let loose and free to help you take on this challenge! That’s all you can do right?

The BEST part is, the step-by-step plan for exploding your powerful strength is going to blow your mind as you’ll be jumping and powering through different movements like you’ve never done before.

And after just the 4th week, your body will be radiating with power and you’ll feel it, and with this newly gained sense of self confidence will only turn you into a more lethal BADASS…


Now, after you’ve forged a solid base of strength and an unbeatable amount of fitness within CONSTRUCT Phase, you’ll move into the next phase of UBB 2.0, CONQUER Phase.

Within CONQUER Phase. you’ll use what you’ve built in CONSTRUCT Phase, but take things to the a whole new level via higher-level progressions and higher intensity training set ups.

Instead of running in fear from the challenge this phase will bring, you’ll laugh and smash through your workouts as you continue to gain even more strength and power.

Your results will continue to progressively build, as your conditioning engine will grow beyond means while your brute strength and explosiveness continue to expand all while you take on new and unique CHAOS EXPOSURE sessions that will again challenge you in ways you’ve not yet been challenged like before.

Bottom Line, CONQUER Phase is focused in on taking you above and beyond and when you hit week 4, you’ll again be amazed at the results that you’ve been able to achieve over such a short period of time.


The 3rd and final Phase within the new and improve UBB 2.0 is The COMPETE Phase.

After plowing your way through Phase 1 and 2 of UBB 2.0 and building up your general levels of strength and power, it will be time to put yourself to the test via specially designed “COMPETE Days” which are event style training sessions designed to bring the inner competitive athlete out and into the open. Each and every week you’ll be put right into the action to test your physical and mental self.

Along with these specially designed “COMPETE Days”, you’ll also still take on a new set and more advanced series of “CHAOS EXPOSURE Sessions” which will challenge you from all angles.

COMPETE Phase will NOT be easy, but you’ll LOVE the results you’re able to produce over the course of the 4 weeks and when you look back at what you’ve been able to accomplish as a whole, you’ll be even more blown away with the overall SUCCESS you’ve been able to achieve.

Now, just imagine how it’s going to feel when you look back at all the PR’s you crushed thru and the physical results you accomplished – just because you stuck with it and forged yourself into an UNBREAKABLE BADASS?

Pretty sick to think about huh?

Well, I want you to BELIEVE it because it’s going to happen.

All you’ve got to do is COMMIT and put in the work because it’s there.

So, there’s no doubt that the NEW – UNBREAKABLE BADASS Blueprint 2.0 is an advanced and super intense training system that will turn you into a complete badass – both in and out of the gym.

You’ll be strong, highly fit, explosive as all hell, and ready for pretty much anything and everything.

Now, if there’s a Coach Who Can Help YOU Forge Yourself Into A Complete BADASS – It’s Me!

My name is Travis Stoetzel, Founder of The Forged Athlete Gym and the creator of The UNBREAKABLE BADASS Blueprint 1.0 and 2.0. I’m a strength coach, online author, high-level Crossfit Competitor, and ex-professional athlete.

I’ve been featured on a lot of highly respected online strength and conditioning blogs and publications as well as physical magazines, and have also authored other highly effective strength and conditioning programs that have been proven effective to work.

I say none of this to boost my ego, brag, or put myself up onto a pedestal, but rather to show you that my stuff freakin’ works.

I have ZERO doubts about it.

From adding 18 lbs onto a skinny hard-gainer, to helping multiple high school athlete’s win state championship wrestling titles, or getting a non-athletic, lazy desk jockey to drop close to 40 lbs of fat in just 3 months, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people transform their bodies and lives so that they can not only look like a BADASS but feel like one as well!

It’s time you let me help you discover and learn how to…

  • Develop an aggressive ability to attack your training sessions at a fast pace that will continually build your body up with more and more energy – with this, you’ll feel constant progress every time you train.
  • Continually push the limits of your physical strength… giving you the ability to reach unlimited amounts of fitness – and destroy any type of strength barrier that lies in your way
  • You’ll see that nasty, unwanted fat around your midsection that you’ve wanted gone for seemingly ever, shred away revealing your athletic muscle underneath
  • Eliminate your weak spots that have been nagging you and holding back all of the committed efforts you’ve put in the past so you can move on with your progress instead of dwelling on your shortcomings.
  • Unleash the athlete from within as you’ll not only transform into a mobile and hostile jackal, you’ll feel the power of being faster, quicker, and stronger so that even if you’re not an athlete, you’ll be able to move and look like one
  • Discover Well kept Secrets that will help you maintain and continue to achieve results even after you’ve reached your highest points so that you can continue on with your progress day after day, week after week, year after year – it doesn’t stop!
  • And much much more.

Here’s Just A Few Of The People That Have PROVEN This System’s Effectiveness and Have Forged Themselves Into UNBREAKABLE BADASS’


BABP2-Testimonials-10 BABP2-Testimonials-04 BABP2-Testimonials-05 BABP2-Testimonials-08 BABP2-Testimonials-11 BABP2-Testimonials-20

Here’s Everything You’re Going To Get Inside The Unbreakable Badass Blueprint 2.0 System:

Component #1

The UBB 2.0 Step-By-Step Training Guide ($47 Value)

With the main UBB 2.0 Training Manual, you’re going to discover exactly how you’ll be building more strength, lean muscle, and improving your overall conditioning… In short, you’ll uncover the magic behind my ‘Controlled Chaos” method of training which you’ll be using to transform yourself into a complete badass.

You’ll also unveil the truth behind what it takes to get better results faster via the “Performance Trifecta” which when used and implemented into your training will PROVE to be a major difference maker in the overall progress you see.

You’ll be taken thought all of the in’s and out’s of my system so you’ll know exactly what to expect as you’re going through your 15 week total “badass” transformation.

Component #2

The UBB 2.0 – Construct Phase ($97 Value)

Within this “Beginning” 4 week phase, this is where you’ll start your journey to becoming a totally BADASS.

You’ll unleash the power of my specialized method of “Controlled Chaos” that will supply you with gains in strength, power, and conditioning all at once.

NEW personal records and strength standards will be set, while you also build a stronger base of power and overall conditioning.

This is where you’ll set the tone for the rest of the UBB 2.0 program. Important Note: Just because it’s the “beginning phase” doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be tough… It will be just that and more…

Component #3

The UBB 2.0 – Conquer Phase ($97 Value)

After you’ve built up your base levels of strength, power, and unending levels of conditioning, you’ll ender the 2nd phase of the UBB 2.0 System with is CONQUER Phase. This phase will take what you’ve built in the first 4 weeks and increase your abilities to new limitless heights.

Personal Bests and Records will fall and you’re body will be taken to levels that you’ve not yet ever seen before.

By the end of the 4th week of CONQUER Phase, you’ll had transformed yourself into a bonified, forged of steel BADASS, but it doesn’t stop there…

Component #4

The UBB 2.0 Compete Phase ($97 Value)

Now after you’ve smashed past personal bests and set new records, you’ll be taken into the 3rd and final phase of the UBB 2.0 System which is that of COMPETE Phase.

Now you’ll truly be put to the test with more progressions in strength and power training, plus you’ll be tested with uniquely designed “Compete” days which are event style training set-up designed to help you put yourself to the test.

You’re strength and power levels are going to increase due to the advanced level of programming you’ll face and your overall conditioning will be skyrocketed with the higher level of “Chaos Exposure” sessions you take on. By the time you get to COMPETE Phase, you’ll be more than prepared and ready for the challenge.

Component #5

36 “Chaos Exposure Sessions” Manual ($97 Value)

Within UBB 2.0 you’ll be getting access to 36 different and uniquely designed “Chaos Exposure Sessions” which are different for each phase and strategically deigned to push your conditioning and fat loss to the extreme.

There’s 4 different types of Chaos EXPOSURE Sessions all geared to attack your body in different ways that include: Strength /Power Metcons, AMRAPS / Repeat Intervals, “Grinders”, and “Kardio King” sessions.

There’s a total of 36 different Chaos EXPOSURE Session set-ups that are all strategically used in each of the 3 phases within UBB 2.0. Some are already pre-programmed into the system while others you’ll have the chance to choose which one to do.

All in good fun!

Component #6

The UBB 2.0 – FAST START Checklist ($17 Value)

When it comes to getting BADASS results, you’ve got to be prepared.

With this special UNBREAKABLE BADASS Checklist, you’ll be more the ready to rock and roll after you go through the step-by-step guide which with help you make sure you have everything you need in order to get the most out of this program.

With this checklist you’ll not only be preparing to train, but you’ll be prepping yourself to be ready for everything you do OUTSIDE of your training sessions as well.

Bottom Line – You must be PREPARED – The Fast-Start Checklist will make sure you’re 110% READY.

**BONUS** Component #1

The Ultimate A-Z INDEX Guide ($27 Value)

One of the most common questions that I receive when ever someone starts up a new program is that of “what if I don’t have this piece of equipment” and if it isn’t that question, it’s always, “is there an easier variation of this movement I can do for my fitness level?”

The answer to these questions is of course, “YES”

Within this manual I break down ALL of the different movements that are used within the entire UBB 2.0 system.

I break down the progressions and regressions of each movement, what movements you can swap in for certain movements if you don’t have a certain piece of equipment, and also talk about the exact keys to focus in on to make sure you’re always progressing ahead with your results.

**BONUS** Component #2

The Coaching Demo Resource Video Library ($97 Value)

Have doubts about your form or technique? Are you not sure on how to properly perform some of the different BABP2-OlyWLCoachDemsexercises and movements? How about progressions?

Well, you won’t have to worry about that again as you’ll be supplied with video demos of each movement within UBB 2.0 because if you plan to get the most out of UBB 2.0, then you need to make damn sure you’re executing to movements right. It’s NOT about just doing them… it’s about doing them “right”.

In addition to the exercise demos, you’ll get access highly detailed, in-depth coaching videos that go over every single high level movement within UBB such as snatches, cleans, swings, and jerks plus their progressions. The tips and insider’s info you’ll receive will push you to new heights with your results.

**BONUS** Component #3

The 8-Day “Building Block” Strength System ($197 Value)


This highly valuable System is designed to take people who might not be up to their potential “badass” level of fitness quite yet and accelerate them forward quickly with a 8 session set up of highly technical and progressive “introduction” sessions that go over each of the main movements that will e used within the UBB 2.0 system. Think of this system as a way of going through 1st to 12th grade as a student.

Even if you’re an experienced lifter, the progressions, tricks, and tips you’ll discover within this system will make you that much better. If you’re more of a beginner, this system is pure GOLD for you and your results.

Over the 8 sessions, you’ll learn progressions on movements like deadlifts, cleans, snatches, HSPU, pull ups, overhead pressing, the front, overhead, and back squat, plus be introduced to specialized mobility and soft tissue work.

This BONUS could easily sell for hundreds of dollars, but you’ll get this for FR-EE as an added bonus for a limited time only.

Bottom line is – when you follow the simple progressions that are laid out within this system, you’ll no doubt be ready to take on not just phase 1 of his UBB 2.0 system, but you’ll also be ready to take on just about any program out there.


The “GAMES PREP” Chaos Training Manual ($197 Value)


How would you like to see exactly how The 3rd Fittest Man In The World (from 2012) Kyle Kasperbauer trained to get prepared for the Games?? Better, yet, how you would like to get your hands on 8 weeks worth of workouts that I personally did right along with Kyle in prep for the 2014 Crossfit Games?? Well, inside this exclusive BONUS manual you’ll get ALL of the workouts we did leading up to the 2014 Games plus more.

To be honest, while these were some of the toughest workouts I’ve ever done, they got me into the absolute BEST shape I’ve ever been in and I know they do the same for you as well. In total you’ll be getting more than 50 different types of strength, power, and conditioning based metcons, circuits, and workouts that will no doubt push you to the brink of your physical limits helping you achieve your maximum levels of fitness ever.,

This BONUS could easily be sold as it’s own 8-week program for hundreds of dollars, but for a LIMITED TIME I’m giving it away as an extra BONUS with my UBB 2.0 System.



EXCLUSIVE BONUS – 14-Days FREE Access INSIDE The PRIVATE Train Aggressive Coaching Group ($197 VALUE)

BABP2--FB-Screen-Within this exclusive Private Facebook Group, you’ll not only get to connect with other like-minded people who’ll also be going through The UBB 2.0 System as well, but you’ll get special access to high-level coaching to help push you above and beyond.

Having access to an exclusive group such as this will push you above and beyond plus you’ll have exclusive access to Travis for any and ALL of your questions regarding The UBB 2.0 System for, training , nutrition, and ANY thing else you need help with. This BONUS alone could easily sell for $297 / month (and does) and you’re getting it FREE for 14-Days just taking FAST ACTION! (If you choose to stay on board inside the PRIVATE coaching group for 30-days it will only be $37 / month there after)

$77 —> ONLY $47 (Save $30)

***PLUS You’ll Get 14-Days For FREE Inside The Train Aggressive Private Coaching Group
(Normally $37 / Month – You Can Cancel Anytime***

You’re Getting ALL Of This:

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.56.25 PM

$77 —> ONLY $47

***PLUS You’ll Get 14-Days For FREE Inside The Train Aggressive Private Coaching Group
(Normally $37 / Month – You Can Cancel Anytime***

Here’s Some More Of The RESULTS You Can Expect To Achieve From UBB 2.0:





Now, before I unveil to you how to get yourself set up with The NEW UBB 2.0 System – let me make something very clear…

…Not everyone was meant to become a total BADASS.

YES, what I just said above is sad, but true.

With this in mind, there’s something that you need to fully understand before we go any further…

Transforming yourself into a complete BADASS isn’t going to happen over night nor in just a few workouts (like a lot of programs out there proclaim).


The truth is it’s going to take a lot of hard work and effort plus much more then going through a bunch of random “WODs” or doing some series of special, hyped-up and fancy exercises.

You’re NOT going to find a bunch of “new” and “never-before-seen” exercises in this program. If that’s what you’re after, go search YouTube and GOOD LUCK at taking your results to the next level…

I’m not here to preach about some magical “quick fix” cure or fancy workout set-up that will get you instant results so if that’s what you’re looking for, you might as well click off the page now.

I’m here to unveil the exact blueprint that will show you how to train the right way in order to get the BEST results in the fastest time possible.

The guys (and gals) that know this and accept this truth are the people out there currently walking around as lean, strong, highly athletic BADASS’ Mo Fo’s already.

What separates these guys from the others out there is the fact that they know and understand one major concept…

It will take HARD WORK.

Just know that it will be the journey you go through while putting in this hard work that will be the most rewarding and fun of all.

Nothing great ever came to those that want “easy” and weren’t willing to work hard…

If anyone ever tells you that you’ll be able to achieve the body of your dreams with the ability to perform at a high level in just a few random workouts a week, run in the other direction as fast as you can because this person is straight up feeding you a bunch of BS and LYING to you.

When it comes to transforming yourself from the inside out, in all honesty, not many guys are willing to put in the work.

If you don’t plan to stick with it or if you envision this program will end up sitting around collecting cuber-dust on your hard-drive rather then being put into action, I advise you NOT to click the “add to cart” button below and invest into your fitness and health.

Now, I don’t want you to be scared away here as I’m sure you know the importance of hard work (and I KNOW you do), but one of the biggest issues with the idea of “hard work” is that of what’s created from the phony, hyped-up programs out there that seem to be coming out every other week, claiming they’ll get you an extreme amount of results quickly and easily without much effort or hard work.

With my professional guidance and PROVEN system I have here for you right now, I know I can help you do it. You’ve just got to do your part and put in the work 😉

All I’m doing is being 110% up front and honest with you before you move forward because I do NOT want to waste your time.

BABP2-GuaranteeNow, just to give you an insight on if you were to hire me as your coach and have me design you a fully custome-built program to specifically suit your needs and ultimate goals, the investment you’d have to make with me would be $297. And that’s only for just a 4-week phase or 28 days worth of high level coaching…

I have a large group of BADASS, “Elite Hardcore” online coaching clients that happily invest that much into my coaching services each and every month (which I’m booked solid right now and not currently taking on new people) and some of these clients have been with me for years…

The point I’m trying to make here is that with what you’ll be receiving within The UNBREAKABLE BADASS Blueprint 2.0, you’ll be easily getting 20x’s the value of what I’m charging for this program.

Some of my friends and fellow strength coaches have called me straight up “bat-sh*t crazy” (that’s no lie) for putting this program up for so cheap, but it’s my MISSION to help Forge as many Complete BADASS’ as possible, which is why I’ve made this program so damn affordable.

Don’t Wait! If you plan on becoming a Total BADASS, The Time Is NOW!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.56.25 PM

Your Search Can Officially Come to An END As All You Have Ever Wanted In A Total Strength and Performance Training System Is Within This New Blueprint.

So, let’ be real here… You’ve already tested the waters of what doesn’t work for you and you’ve lost enough time and have been frustrated for long enough being confused on how to train. You’ve already tried a countless amount of other programs and random “workouts of the day” that have failed you because they lack the actual Method-Behind-The-Madness and “CONTROLLED CHAOS” needed.

It’s time for YOU to end the wait.

Because again, WHY else would you be here now reading this letter?

It’s time for YOU to transform into a BADASS!

$77 —> ONLY $47 (Save $30)

***PLUS You’ll Get 14-Days For FREE Inside The Train Aggressive Private Coaching Group
(Normally $37 / Month – You Can Cancel Anytime***



OK, so I feel as if we’ve been through quite a lot of stuff here…

You’ve uncovered WHY it is most guys are not seeing the results that they want to see in order to become a BADASS…

You’ve seen the blueprint and the layout of what you need to do, and how YOU can get the kind of shredded and ripped up body you want with all the raw and insane amounts of strength and conditioning you need in order to push the boundaries of any fitness or physical test that lies in your way …

PLUS, you’ve seen why The UNBREAKABLE BADASS Blueprint 2.0 is the fastest, most effective (and affordable) way to transform your entire body, in the shortest amount of time…

Now, my friend, you have a major decision to make.

You know there’s absolutely ZERO risk on your part and the cost is minimal in regards to all of the results you’re going to gain.

So… you can either do nothing and keep testing the waters, doing all of those random workout’s and “new” training programs here and there while other guys start their journey towards becoming a complete BADASS….


You can TAKE ACTION NOW and join me and start getting yourself into the most insane shape that you’ve ever been in, WITHOUT worrying about getting hurt, getting bored, or having to have a ton of different training equipment that you don’t really need…

…there’s you’re two choices and I’m pretty sure that you know which choice is right.

It’s up to you now.

I look forward to having you as a “BADASS in Training” and watching you tear some stuff up, bust through walls, all while becoming a complete BADASS!

It’s time to discover just what this PROVEN-EFFECTIVE “CONTROLLED CHAOS” method of training can do for you and your body.

The time is NOW…

Travis Stoetzel, CSCS, USC
Creator, The Unbreakable Badass Blueprint 2.0

PS – Remember, you can’t get this “Controlled Chaos” method anywhere else or with any other program. There has been a ton of other great and highly effective programs out there, but NONE of them have been put together with a system such as this.

PPS – In 15 Weeks your going to increase in strength, explode in power, and build a level of conditioning that never quits all while you transform you body in to a lean and mean machine!

If you’re like most guys who are taking their training seriously, the random workouts and serious lack of programming you’re going thru are not getting it done nor is this getting you closer to becoming a total BADASS!

So, I urge you: With ZERO risk whatsoever… TAKE ACTION NOW and click the “add to cart” button to start your journey… everything you need is included in the UNBREAKABLE BADASS Blueprint 2.0


$77 —> ONLY $47

***PLUS You’ll Get 14-Days For FREE Inside The Train Aggressive Private Coaching Group
(Normally $37 / Month – You Can Cancel Anytime***



PPPS – Got Questions? See answers below…

Q: What is The UNBREAKABLE BADASS Blueprint 2.0 and why does it work so fast?

A: The UNBREAKABLE BADass Blueprint 2.0 is the only guide specifically designed to take you from what you are now (not quite a bonified badass yet) to what you want to be which is more strong, more lean, more fast, more BADASS!

The reason the program works so effectively is due to it’s unique blend of programming called “Controlled Chaos”. Each workout you’ll be focusing on developing key attributes that are critical to your overall fitness – things like raw strength, high octane conditioning, and the ability to be highly explosive over and over again all while avoiding injury. By focusing on all of these qualities within each training session and progressive phase, you’ll build them all at the same time.

Q: I bought The UNBREAKABLE BADASS Blueprint 1.0, is this the same program or is it different?

YES. This is a totally different system from ALL angles. While UBB 1.0 is a PROVEN effective system that is amazing at producing results, UBB 2.0 uses a totally different and unique set up from what UBB 1.0 uses.

If you’ve gone through UBB 1.0, you’ll LOVE UBB 2.0. If not, it doesn’t matter as you’ll love them BOTH!

Q: How long will it take for you to ship my manuals and DVD’s to me?

A: The good news is, there is NO wait time. Once you invest into The UBB 2.0, you’ll get instant access to all of the included manuals and videos.

This program is all 100% digital which means ALL the ebooks are instantly downloadable plus all the extra videos included are instantly accessible online.

You’ll be able to access the training programs within minutes after your investment and be able to get started on the workouts within The UBB 2.0 immediately if you truly desire.

Just know, there will be NO physical products shipped so please, do not wait at your front door or stand by your mail box waiting for your copy of The UBB 2.0 to arrive because it will not



***PLUS You’ll Get 14-Days For FREE Inside The Train Aggressive Private Coaching Group
(Normally $37 / Month – You Can Cancel Anytime***

Q: Is The UBB 2.0 for just men? Or can women become a total BADASS as well?

A: Of course!

This workout, while it is more appealing to guys, can be used by women as well.

The main thing to understand is that this program is for ANYONE who is willing and ready to work hard.

At the same time, UBB 2.0 is NOT for people that are lazy or unwilling to commit to hard work (this includes both men and women).

Bottom line, doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, you can and will become a total BADASS, just as long as you want it bad enough and are willing to put in the work.

Q: What Equipment Will I Need for UBB 2.0? I don’t have a fully supplied gym…

A: I’d be lying to you if I were to say you could go through this program without any equipment at all, so I won’t say that.

But, the good news is, you don’t need a ton of equipment. Only the basics are needed which include: a barbell (with weights), dumbbells, a pull up bar, and of course your own bodyweight.

In addition, you’ll be getting access to the The A-Z Movement INDEX Guide which will show you exactly how you can swap in or use regressed movements if need be. You’ll NEVER be left without an option.

Q: Do I have to be a “BADASS” before I even begin this program? Seems like it might be too advanced for me… In other words, is this program suitable for a beginner or do I have to be a “badass” already before I start?

A: First off, that’s the WRONG attitude to have. We ALL have to start out somewhere right?

NO one starts out as a BADASS…

YES, these workouts will be challenging, but the key lies within the progressive nature of the “Controlled Chaos” you’ll be going through. You do not have to be in advanced shape as the workouts will meet you were you currently are and from there you’ll progress overtime.

The best part about The UBB 2.0 is that you’re starting it NOW. Even if you’re a beginner, take it slow initially and become comfortable with the exercises, progressions, technique, and how hard you ultimately push yourself. As you get better and improve overtime, you’ll be able to go further and beyond. – simple as that.

Like I said, we were all beginners at some point…

Q: What if The UBB 2.0 doesn’t work for me?

A: Well, I hate to have you even think this as thinking negatively will stop you in your tracks faster then anything will… But, if you feel that this program didn’t help you get results as I’ve promised, then it’s FREE. No questions asked.

Seriously. I’ll ask zero questions as that’s just the way it works.

Bottom line, I know the power that this program has had on myself and my clients, and I know its true value.

I’m 110% confident that anyone who follows it as laid out will get results. Period.

I’m giving you my 60 day “Ultimate BADASS Guarantee” with ZERO tricks about it.

I’ll give you a full 60 days to try the program and if at the end of it you feel it wasn’t effective, you get every penny back. It’s that simple.

I’m so damn confident in The UNBREAKABLE BADASS Blueprint 2.0 that I can do this without worries, because I know the program works.



$77 —> ONE TIME ONLY $47

**Important note, I am not affiliated with CrossFit HQ or**

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