Want to Discover The TRUTH On How To Build A BADASS Physique?

One That’s STRONG, Shredded, and Athletic..

strongandshredded1maingrafficIt’s about time you stop wasting your efforts with worthless training methods and hyped up routines.

If you’re willing to put in the work, it’s best you put your hard work into a program that been PROVEN to work time and time again.

Most of your typical “workout” programs out there lead to minimal results at best, cause injury, and usually leave you worse off then you were before.   It’s because most programs FAIL hey fail to take into account the important of specialized programming and design for the average dude, who’s busy, over-stressed, and isn’t on PED’s.

Your program should PROGRESS you from where you are now to a higher level in time WITHOUT beating you down into a pulp and leaving you worse off than when you began.

If your current program isn’t helping you consistently crush through plateaus, stay injury free, all while getting you stronger and more fit in every sense of the word, then you’re NOT on a very good plan.

TA” STRONG and Shredded is the complete 4-week training system that will take your performance and physique to new heights.

Best of all, S and S only requires you to invest an average of 45 minutes, for 4 high intensity, strength-hybrid training sessions per week.

But, none of it will be “easy”.

The workouts, while designed to be super simplistic in nature, will put you to the ultimate test.

You’ve got to be more than ready to up your intensity to level 10 and above.

Anything less wouldn’t do justice for this type of program.

If you can commit and put in your word that you’ll train like a man (or woman) possessed, you will see some serious results in both muscle and strength gain as well as loses in body fat in just 28-days time.

And you WON’T have to worry about…

  • Needing a TON of special equipment or access to a a HUGE gym
  • Having to spend loads of hard earned cash on phony supplements or PED’s
  • Having to do some crazy as “WOD” of the day that has no rhyme or reason to be in your program in the first place

With STRONG and Shredded, you will…

  • Build powerful, and highly athletic muscle
  • SHRED ugly, unwanted body fat and weight
  • Increase strength, endurance, and overall fitness

Real World Results and PROOF In The Pudding
Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 8.55.12 PM
I’m Travis Stoetzel.  I’m a Regional Level Crossfit Crossfit Competitor, Ex-Pro-Athlete, and my training programs have been featured on sites like Onnit, BodyBuilding.com, and inside My Mad Methods Magazine.

I spent years wasting both my time and hard efforts trying all of the different types of hyped up workouts routines and BS programs you could think of.

I for a long time followed a lot of the BS mainstream advice you see in magazines and all over the interwebs which all got me little to nowhere with my progress.

In college, I tried it all and with little gain, just losses in time and money.

Fast forward to today, I’m in the best damn physical shape of my life.

I’m in even better shape now than I was back in college when I played football.

It’s all come down to the past decade of putting myself and 1000’s of my clients and athletes through real-world beta-tests, trial-runs, and experiments that I’ve been able to fine tune and tweak my program, “STRONG and Shredded” to what it is today.

What I’ve discovered and have been able to develop over this time is a GO-TO system for the average guy out there that’s sick and tired of being run-down, stressed, and weak as hell.

Enough With The Bullshit, Hyped-Up “Workout” Programs

Most workouts don’t deliver on their promises…  because they’re designed around gimmicky fads and phony ass nonsense all just to sell YOU and get your hard earned money.

Sh*t like…

“Burn 382% more fat and build 17 lbs of muscle when you do this “little trick” that only takes 5 minutes a day that you can do in your home with no equipment all without having to break a sweat”…

It’s straight up BS like that that’s making tricking the population into being WEAK, FAT, and TIRED.

The TRUTH is…

Getting a ripped up physique and STRONG body never comes easy unless of course you’re one of the lucky few that’s gifted with God-given genetics that allow you to recover super fast from workouts, keeps you lean year around without even having to try, and even allows you to build muscle just by simply touching a weight…

I’m guessing that since you’re on this page now reading these words that YOU’RE more than likely NOT one of those guys with crazy genetics right?

Well, I’m NOT either.

Not even close.

I’ve had to bust my ass hard to get where I am today with my strength and fitness.

The hard work has all been worth it and more.

Because what you’ll discover inside STRONG and Shredded is 110% FREE of the typical BS non-sense you’ll find and read pretty much everywhere else.

BS, hyped up myths like…

  • The “More is Better” Concept of Training
  • How “Too Much Cardio” will Burn Off Your Hard Earned Muscle
  • Training To Failure Is The Key To Fast Gains In Muscle and Strength
  • High Reps Should Only Be Used For Fat Loss
  • All You Gotta Do Is Squat, Bench, and Deadlift
  • You Can’t Build Muscle With Just Bodyweight
  • Olympic Lifting Is Dangerous And Is Only For Advanced Athletes
  • Train Heavy All The Time

It’s this type of BS advice that’s steering guys in the wrong direction.

And if you’re like most guys out there, you’ve tried just about everything under the sun…  with nothing to show for your efforts.

Because when you buy into nonsense like the BS myths above, it’ll (A) prevent you from making the gains in lean muscle and powerful strength you want, (B) keep you weak and soft (both in the body and mind) and (C) keep your stress and frustrations at time highs.

Next, the thought of QUITTING sets in and you find yourself in a vicious cycle, starting back over time and time again.

It’s time to END the MADNESS.

Here’s the SOLUTION…

With STRONG and Shredded, you’ll get:strongandshredded1maingraffic

  • A Completely done-for-you, in-depth 28-day training plan ($47 value)
  • Specialized and strategically designed progression scheme that will have you building new muscle and crushing PR’s ($37 value)
  • The exact mixture and combination of movements for the BEST results possible ($17 value)
  • A super effective pre-workout dynamic warm-up that will not only increase your performance but also having you feel more mobile and hostile ($17 value)
  • Full in-depth video coaching demos of each workout that covers in detail the workouts plus movement progressions, regressions, technique and form ($47 Value)
  • The exact blueprint outlining all the sets, reps, & strategic rest periods needed ($27 value)

Plus, YOU will unveil…

  • The Exact Go-To Warm Up Routine That In Itself Will Build More Strength, Power, and Endurance 
  • How To INSTANTLY Get Stronger With A Simple Go-To Breathing Method (this is cutting edge stuff!)
  • 1 Thing You Must Avoid During Workouts
  • The “Big 5” For More Mobility And Faster Recovery
  • 2 Critical Movements You Should Do Before You Deadlift Or Squat
  • The Cure For A Tight Lower Back, Hips, And Shoulders
  • How To Build That “Power Look” With A Set Of Strong and Powerful Shoulders, Upper Back, Lats, and Traps

And YOU will discover how to…

  • Add in “Vanity” and Core specific work to build your arms and abs to look like a shredded BEAST
  • The BEST time to use HIIT style Workouts for the Fastest drops in Body Fat and Increases in Explosive, Long-Lasting Endurance Possible
  • The Right Way To Mix Power, Strength, and Conditioning Work All Into One  Single Training Session

Some FAQ’s About STRONG and Shredded

How many days per week is this workout?
There are 4 training days per week with an optional 2 extra days and 2 “active rest” recovery days

Do I Need A TON Of Equipment For This Program?
Not at all, you only need the barebones basics like a barbell, weights, dumbbells, some type of rack or squat stand, and suspension straps or rings.

If you have access to Kettlebells and Sandbags, even better (not mandatory)

How long are the training sessions?
These are short and to the point so no session with have you going longer than 60 mins.  Typically you’ll be in and out of the gym within 40-45 mins.

How long is the entire STRONG and Shredded System?
Phase 1.0 is 4-weeks long (Phase 2 and 3 are both 28-days in length as well in which you’ll get access to should you decide to stay on board within the Aggressive Strength Academy)

What kind of RESULTS can I expect on the program?
For guys who are committed to working hard and dedicated will no-doubt see amazing results with this program.

For those who put in the work, they experience drops in body fat, increases in powerful muscle and strength.

None of this is promised or guaranteed unless YOU put in the work.

You get what you put in and NOTHING is ever given.

When you do the work and put in the effort, you will see results.

So WHY Should YOU give STRONG and Shredded a try?  What makes it so good?

STRONG and Shredded gives you everything necessary for serious results.

  • It’s strategically designed to progress you ahead no matter what your current fitness level is – you will be challenged in a SMART and effective way
  • Perfect for any guy who’s busy and doesn’t have a ton of time to workout, but is serious about training
  • Lets you get in powerful workout in only 45 mins or less
  • You can use it at home gym, in your garage, basement, or at the globo gym

The STRONG and Shredded 28-Day Program is easily a $199 value (same price I charge for access to this in my gym).

But you can access it right now for just $9… and start putting it to use TODAY.

There’s no more room for EXCUSES…

Forget about the fancy equipment or over-priced, BS supplements.

If you can commit to at least 40 mins a day, 3-4 times a week for the next 28-Days, then it’s time you prepare yourself to transform your body.

You’ll be shredding off ugly body fat while dropping unwanted weight…

Plus, you’ll be building a ton of athletic muscle and strength while forging yourself into a complete BADASS of fitness.

The time is now…

Let’s get it done!

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 7.21.17 AM

Instantly Download and Access Phase 1.0 of “STRONG and Shredded” NOW For ONLY $39 –> $9!

In 30 days  you will be billed $37 for continued access to the Aggressive Strength Academy plus be
given access to Phase 2.0 Of STRONG and Shredded.  You can c
ancel at any time.

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