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By on October 3, 2016






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Because the STRUGGLE is a part of natural growth and if getting yourself STRONGER in all areas of your life is what you want, then you must embrace the RESISTANCE. Bring that sh*t on because the TRUTH is, it’s a part of the thing we call LIFE and if you want to avoid it or deny it’s existence, then you’re just like the majority of people out there that want easy. Here at Train Aggressive we don’t ask for easy. If you truly want it, then you’ve got to EARN IT!


  1. George Tom Surber ( User Karma: 1 ) says:

    Refusing Average

    Those of us who are achievers have learned to live life “Refusing “Average” and moving ourselves “Against the Grain” by applying the “110% Rule” to get where we want and need to be.

    That’s a big statement. Let’s tear it down out of the simple phases. But before any person can push to achieve, that person must have a dream to achieve. The dream must be more than a concrete picture of spending late life in a cozy home or in comfort finally in the far bye and bye. That dream must include the journey itself through life watching for positive opportunities for personal enrichment (not necessarily financial) and invigorated growth of himself, his family and his community.

    That individual has to choose wisely from the smorgasbord of possibilities out there to achieve the dream that individual has for himself, his family and his community.

    “Average” in any persons life journey is the common pathway, available to most people. Average leads to common, not exciting, lives. Even in most lives average leads to boring, journeys through life and to a common, not exciting, unfulfilled life. If an individual is to break out of the easy paths which lead to unexciting old age without worthwhile memories, that individual has to buck the average, seize life by the reins and leap out of the common rut, refusing to be average. That individual must drive too be more than just average.

    That individual has to live “against the grain.” Along the grain is the easy flow of life. The trees built that grain the hard way, one ring at a time. That individual has to move the same way, crossing the grain, the tree’s rings. Each ring will be a problem to solve, a challenge to overcome, a milestone to pass, a success to achieve, a gift to give. That individual has to drive himself to achieve his dream.

    And to achieve his dream, an individual has to work hard and long, summarized in the “110%” effort. Just doing enough to get by, even 100%, will not allow an individual to achieve his dream. An individual must decide to live above and beyond the expected, the common, the usual way of doing things.

    The fulfilled individual, the truly happy individual, the achieving individual is that individual who moves through life, recognizing what is best for himself, his family and his community, seizing opportunities as they present themselves to better himself, his family and his community. This individual must have and want to live his dream. This individual must refuse to be average. This individual must live against the grain. This individual must give 110% effort to achieve his dream of his journey through life rewarding himself, his family and his community.

    Tom Surber

  2. Abe says:

    Hello Travis,

    I would like to enter the refuse average challenge. I generally keep my emotions to myself, so I think it will be a valuable experience to try and convince you why I should win. If I didn’t believe I was doing all I could, I would not enter. It is quite personal, I hope it comes across as I would say it.

    Before I tell you how I thrive I would first like to tell you how I survive. I don’t want this to sound like a rant, please don’t think it is!

    Life is hard… it should be. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with my girlfriend and have a 3-4 hour round commute Mon-Fri to my work in a research lab. Thats how I survive.

    How do I thrive? I dedicate my little spare time all to pushing the limits I have been forced to fight. I make use of what I do have to make sure I never settle for a life of mediocrity – that terrifies me. In my weekends and with my annual leave from work I am studying for my MSc to push me where I want to be. I make use of my long commute by studying or learning something about training while others around me idly waste their limited time. I read your emails, enter competitions, or prepare myself for my KbRX workout when I get home. I push myself during workouts. My philosophy is to work so hard I see God, then I work so hard that I convince him why I should return. I have been posting a lot on the ASA to learn from the experienced members and find inspiration with my training, which has been INVALUABLE. I think now I am in the best overall shape of my life because of my efforts.

    When I was a teenager I skipped a religious day at school, my father found out and was furious. He wasn’t angry that I skipped school, he was angry that I wasn’t doing everything I could to thrive. That day, in one sentence he taught me a lesson that I will remember until my last day. He said: “In life you don’t do what you want… You do what you can.” I remained silent after that and he left my room. To this day it haunts me to refuse average and do what I can in life with the tools that I have.

    I always look for constructive feedback, even when sometimes it’s not required. I will forever be a student with my attitude towards training and life. Its hard to know someone that you are not physically with. So please, if at all you think I am completely full of shit then set me a challenge. I WILL reach it.

    Now not to sound too cynical about the human race, but…

    A lot of people stereotype those that train and say that they are compensating for inadequacies. To some extent they are right, but not in the way they think they are.

    Truth is, only by doing what you can with the life you have been given can you be deemed “adequate”, anything less is unacceptable. By this logic, most of the human race is inadequate. Not a lot of people even attempt to reach their potential in ANYTHING that they do. If they don’t know how to reach it then that’s fair enough, but if they don’t do what they can to find out, then they have already failed.

    We all sit somewhere on the bell-shaped curve. When someone moves higher in that bell curve, not only does it raise their position but it raises the average. When I train it’s not just to refuse average, it’s to raise the bar on what defines average.

    1. Train Aggressive
      Train Aggressive ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      All about THRIVING and NOT jut surviving. Great stuff here Abe. I appreciate your entry bro! Keep Going H.A.M.

  3. Christy ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Its interesting to see what happens when you are taken out of your comfort zone, or even more specifically out of your physical environment. This happened to me for the last week when I travelled to Holland for business. Without all of your normal routines, family and support systems, what do you do? There is a language barrier. You no longer have any idea where to go to get the foods you use to fuel your body. You don’t have access to the gym you usually train in, you have to adjust to a new time zone and work around an agenda with time constraints set entirely by someone else. Personally it always brings home to me how our modern world is set up to make you unhealthy…. In this situation you are gifted the perfect opportunity to not only examine how you #refuseaverage, but to demonstrate it.
    So what does average look like in this situation?….It means eating pastries for breakfast because the buffet breakfast at the hotel is very convenient. It means overdosing on coffee during the day to try to keep yourself alert. It means going from the meetings at the end of the day to the bar for drinks before going to the restaurant for a large dinner and washing it down with more drinks. Many finish off the day by having a night cap at the hotel bar, peeling themselves away in the early hours of morning and having a short sleep before they need to get up and do it all again!
    Me? I chose something different. Before the trip I prepared some food for the journey so I ate like I usually do. I had my one cup of coffee every day but made sure I drank lots of water to stay hydrated. In my hotel room I hit up my no matter what sets every day. I researched in advance and located a gym where I could train 110% HAM (so not a globo gym). While the rest of the folks were eating and drinking, I was literally on a sidewalk outside a gym performing sandbag getups and carries, because the sandbags leaked slightly and the gym owner wanted sandbags to the used outside! Some passers by literally stopped and stared as I worked! But I am used to that, although its usually the neighbours! One of my colleagues was a little curious and maybe a little shocked and he asked me about why I did not conform….I smiled and said “Oh I’m just weird”.

  4. John Dinco says:

    Hey Travis! Hope this e mail finds you well. My testimony for the “refuse average” challenge is my mindset I have st work as a federal officer. I work for the Dept. OfHoneland Security for the anti terrorist contraband enforcement team. I believe vigilance and integrity is the foundation of our jobs. Most officers I work with are refusing to better themselves each day! My usual routine is hitting the gym at 4 am everyday and then I continue my day at work starting at 7 am M-F! Amongst working out w weights everyday I’m also training for a triathlon in Nov! This really requires me to train aerobically for this upcoming event. Most of my fellow officers think I’m crazy for working out that early everyday!!!!

    I refuse to be average and bust my ass everyday yo be the best version of me everyday! Being a father to two beautiful children and taking pride on keeping our country try safe from terrorism is what fuels my fire to be better than average each day!!!! I hope this testimonial will show my desire on how I strive to refuse being just be average everyday!! Thank you and I hope to win this challenge! Thank you!!

    John Dinco

  5. Dustin says:

    Hey Travis,

    The reason I choose to go against the grain and refuse average is to show and teach my two kids what dedication, consistency and hard work is. The majority of the time I train at home and my kids (Especially my daughter) will come watch me and play on the rings while I’m training, with her their it pushes me and I know it inspires her because she always asks when are you going to train dad because she likes to do the things I do.

    I also refuse to be average to be a positive role model for the people in my community, young and old. I give a lot of advise about fitness to the people in my community and it gives me great joy to inspire people and be a positive role model.

  6. Carl says:

    Hi Travis,

    Thank you for the challenge!

    I aim to Refuse Average by refusing to deny improving my life in whatever areas I deem necessary.

    By this I mean in terms of:

    1. Looking after and helping my lovely immediate family through all the joys and trials of life i.e being a great husband and father.
    2. Not accepting mediocrity from me or others at work in whatever we choose to do.
    3. Looking after my body in a dynamic and athletic way i.e. thinking mobility, strength and cardio improvement at all times.
    4. Being a great son, brother and friend.
    5. Not taking sh*t!


  7. Brian says:


    Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts. I’d like to start off by apologizing for my language that will be used to express myself, but in your video you asked for ” the most real , raw and sincere” , so here it is..

    Refusing average is a fucking grind. There is nothing easy or convenient about it. It is a process and a practice that takes an unbelievable amount of mental discipline,mental toughness and mental focus. Without these things, the way of average will be your standard operating procedure. Most of us take the path of least resistance. I am not going to sit here and act like I have not fallen victim to the comfort of average before. Fucking right I have , but listen,once you actually feel what it is like to push yourself to a place mentally and physically that you never thought existed , then that’s when you start living and refusing average.
    Once you have conquered the voices in your head screaming at you to stop or slow down when your physically uncomfortable, once those voices go quiet and all those voices turn into one voice and that voice is telling you to “keep fucking pushing forward until you earn it” that’s when refusing average becomes contagious and addicting.
    I am thankful that I experienced the process that results in this mindset at a relatively young age a few years ago ( currently 28 – will be 29 Oct 15th). Although I acquired this in a gym , the best part about it is, this mindset is applicable and spills over to anything and everything you have going on in your life. I am a huge family man and me and my wife were blessed with a daughter last February. There is nothing else I want to do for them more than exceed average expectations. They deserve nothing but the best version of me. Having the refuse average mindset will help them get that guy. I am a school based law enforcement officer and if there is anything we know now a days,it is that schools are hot targets. God forbid anything ever happens to my district , you better believe I’ll be highly trained and focused on eliminating the threat. Travis, I even have this refuse average mindset when it comes to brushing my teeth or wiping my ass. Like you mentioned its a lifestyle.
    So what refusing average means to me Travis,is really just about doing things the right way. The constant competition between myself and everything trying to keep me from a better version. .
    I am thankful for the opportunity to express myself on this subject. I hope my rambling on makes sense and that you have a clear understanding of what I am trying to express.

    Please keep posting and sharing your knowledge and passion, it has and continues to motivate and help me.


  8. Diego says:

    Hey travis!

    Im writing with the intention of just sharing cause im not sure if i can even join the contest since im from the Philippines.

    Anyways, growing up i played both soccer and basketball quite competitively. in college i tore both my acls. Long story short felt like shit that i couldnt play so i made excuses and got fat. Ballooned to 250 lbs. after all the BS i found a few people i still look up to until today. These guys are joe defranco, smitty, zach even esh and you!
    From that day on i committed to NO MORE BULLSHIT!

    Fast-forward today, im in the best shape of my life playing and competing at my highest level. But the best blessing from all is i made my passion my life. I now run my own S&C facility wherein we train most of the best professional athletes in the country and was also able to get my CPPS cert from my mentors (defranco). LIFE IS GOOD BROTHER! Thanks to all you guys for everything 110% HAM!!


  9. Ricardo Salcedo says:

    Hi Travis,

    I just finished the 22 push-ups challenge to raise awareness of the awful statistics of veterans who commit suicide everyday due to the horrific condition of PTSD. I’ve seen many people doing just half push-ups and regular push-ups for 22 days. I refused to be average doing a variation every day: hands-off, burpees to box jump over, burpees to pull-up, one-arm, clapping, three fingers, etc. Some of my videos are here…









    I suffered a lot doing them but I enjoyed the fight. Please, keep posting videos of your workouts, those are the best. Man, you’re a beast!!

  10. Nathan says:

    Let me start this off by saying AWESOME PHRASE!! #RefuseAverage

    My story might be a little different than what you’ve read…

    Three years ago, I was a “soft” 225 pounds. I was playing competitive slow-pitch softball, and even though I’ve always been an athlete (played high school and college baseball), I knew this isn’t what I want for myself. This is where my journey started…for the past 3 years, I’ve been one of those people who spend 5-6 days at the gym, putting in work, and improving myself. My gym goals at the time was to lose weight, while also lifting and adding muscle; and I loved every sweat drop and minute spent inside that “gym setting”.
    For the past year, I have been hovering around 185 pounds, with the best muscle definition I’ve ever had. While watching tv last year, I saw this show called Spartan Race, and was very intrigued…”those are some cool obstacles” and “could I complete this?” At that point, I called my girlfriend over, and asked her “check this out…do you think I could do this?”, in which she replied with “definitely”. This is how my “refuse average” story turns. In June of 2015, I completed my first Spartan Race of 8 miles. I was hooked, and have been so ever since. Currently, I have finished 13 Spartan Races, varying in distance of 3 miles to 16 miles. This past weekend (Oct. 1st and 2nd), I completed back to back Spartan Beast races at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe; each race was 15.7 miles with 35 obstacles.
    For me, having these Spartan Races to look forward to, makes me push myself even harder than I normally would. I have even moved my workouts outside the gym – I bought myself weights for the house so now I have my own “garage gym”, and I can workout whenever I want for however long I want to. Also, sometimes the typical gym has the typical workouts; where now that I’m working out from home, I’ve incorporated sprinting, heavy carries, long runs, tire flips, HIIT, weighted vest, and other varies exercises to keep getting better.
    Your quote on one of your emails says “being able to look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and saying to yourself that you gave it 110%” – there’s no better way of ending the day than that thought!

  11. Chris says:

    Here’s how I refuse average.

    I hear a lot of people say they’re too old or too out of shape or don’t have time to do something. They’ve already given up. I get it, I’m almost 50, I have 3 children, all under 5, I work full time etc. One thing in my life I have come to accept is that there is always, always going to be something. I used to not get up because one of my daughters would wake up in the middle of the night. Well after a few weeks of that happening all the time I had to change my mindset. I’m going to be a little tired but so what. Once I quit fighting that and just went with it I wasn’t so frustrated. I quit worrying about having the perfect week and trained regardless of the situation most of the time. Obviously stuff comes up but it seems like for me, I could usually find a workaround. Same with eating. The kids are definitely a factor but if you think about it why start them off with bad habits. We still give them the standard mac & cheese but I can make myself something different and stay within my goals for the week. The big difference is mindset. I’m not saying people don’t have issues, I do too and I fight them, literally fight them everyday I just choose to embrace the challenge and make shit happen not stand back and let shit happen to me.

    Here’s how I Refuse Average:

    I refuse average by getting up at 4:30 5 days a week to get a training session in.
    I refuse average by watching what I eat, not obsessively, but working to eat clean.
    I refuse average by believing that age in and of itself is not a limiting factor
    I refuse average by getting stronger than I ever have been.
    I refuse average by striving for improvement each week whether it comes or not.
    I refuse average by not using the fact I have 3 little girls all under 5 as an excuse to not train.
    I refuse average by adding sprints into my daily sessions whenever possible.
    I refuse average by accomplishing goals on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis.
    I refuse average by understanding the difference between pain and injury.
    I refuse average by owning my circumstances and my failures.
    I refuse average by not being a victim of the “ I’m so busy “ mentality.
    I refuse average by not making my new years resolution be “to get into shape”. Instead it’s I’m going to Deadlift a car this year or something like that.
    I refuse average by trying to do squats, pullups, and pushups every day.
    I refuse average by not accepting “Dad Bod”.
    I refuse average because I started.

  12. Justin says:

    Hello Travis,

    I have many of your programs and they are amazing and have helped my life physically and mentally.

    Why I refuse to be average….
    Mine started at a young age…

    All growing up I was the underdog. A kid with dreams of being a college football player (like many;) )…. I was always the “chubby kid” that everyone told was NEVER going to make it in sports. On top of that, my parents divorced when I was 1 ½ years old and the life I had with my mother at times was far from pretty. Through all tough times, I developed anxiety…. “clinical anxiety” to be exact. It wasn’t until around 11yrs old, when my father got custody of my brother and I, that I realized this is what it actually was, what I was battling every day.

    My middle school I was going to in small town Washington State, population “very little” lol… old logging town ….. They only offered flag football. My father and my brother, who have always been my BIGGEST Supporters, encouraged me to transfer in 7th grade to the neighboring “small logging town” to try out for tackle football. My dad always said that if I was going to fulfill my dream of being a football player, I need to start by making the transition to organized tackle football. So for my 8th grade year I moved schools and my journey started.

    My first football game in pads, I got absolutely LIT UP, ASS OVER TEA KETTLE!!!…. an 8th grader who wanted to become something one day, I was crushed… mentally and physically at the time.

    I was then introduced to the weight room… I walked in the first day and started to learn good form and technique with just the 45lb bar. Other buddies of mine felt dumb doing it with such a low weight, they piled the weights on just to look cool and as you know, it back fired on them. I went from the “chubby kid” to starting to fill out and stronger and faster. My motto was and still is, “NOBODY WILL OUTWORK ME TODAY….KSFA” the KSFA stands for “Kick some fucking ASS”. I took the anger I felt inside from the anxiety I had suffered and was able to “FLIP THE SWITCH” and ATTACK AND DESTROY IN THE WEIGHT ROOM AND ON THE FIELD. I was never the Biggest but I had the biggest heart and to this day will outwork anyone in my path whether be LIFE…. WORK… or anything in my path.

    As my senior year came and was nearing an end, I had only a couple offers from some small schools, because of my size… not the biggest for being a lineman/DE/Long snapper ( 5’11” 195-205). So my father, who is a single hard working dad , working in a small town factory raising two boys on a single income gets popped the question…..? “ How am I gonna pay for my son to fulfill his dream of playing college ball?…. the schools interested weren’t able to offer full scholarship. My father insisted he was going to sell his classic muscle car he worked so hard to get, in order for me to play ball. I told my dad no, I will just go to community college for one year and get a job to help pay the initial tuition costs. I got a job with a “cable tv company” to help me pay for school.

    Well, one day on top of a Telephone pole 30 feet off the ground as I was hooking up a customer’s cable, the line snapped and shot me 20 feet like sling shot out into the middle of the road. I hit so hard I thought my skull was cracked. Not knowing I landed in seated position on my ass and side. From my years of forged toughness I was pissed and sprang back up, as you know “you get knocked down, you get the fuck back up” mentality. As I did and was going into shock, I realized I couldn’t feel my legs as I walked. After a trip to the ER the doctors x-rayed me and not a bone was broken, they credited my years of crushing it in the weight room for my body being so tuff. I did however suffer severe nerve damage. I was laid up for a couple months and during this time, the school that was wanting me to play, heard about my accident and me being hurt so they dropped their offer.

    This sent me into a couple years of depression. On top of having clinical anxiety, I was becoming severely depressed, because all I’ve ever dreamed of, the playing college ball, all I ever worked so hard for, was gone all in one second. I soon went form 195 athletic and in shape to 305 pounds of depressed feeling fucking sorry for myself. At the same time all of this is going on, my local high school I played for had me as an assistant coach and was using my career and work ethic as inspiration……… now look back at that.. ”FORMER WORK ETHIC AND INSPIRATION”.


    The next day I woke up and started training, battling my inner anxiety and depression…. Telling myself, FUCK AVERAGE and FUCK MY ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION!! I’m not letting it win!!

    This was 9 years ago and I’ve since gotten down to my 200lbs again from 305 and have maintained it and I bust my ass and crush it every day going 110% HAM. I still help out at my High School and I’m actually an inspiration again to the kids I coach. I also have become an MMA COMMBATIVES Instructor and am able to inspire my students. All of this has been great, but at the same time I was building myself back up and putting my pieces together, I was still deep inside battling my “Clinical Anxiety” and was dependent on my anxiety meds to get me through simple tasks….. Including things like sharing my story with one or two people, let alone thousands.

    In 2014 I told myself, even though everything I accomplished, getting back on track in life, I’m still not complete. I’m still the average guy if I’m dependent on anxiety meds to get me through day to day challenges. Then I tell myself once again FUCK THE AVERAGE!!! I decided to go “cold turkey” off of my meds, which they say is very hard to do. Well, that’s all they had to tell me was that it is HARD TO DO. I tell them, yes maybe it’s hard for the average person to stop being dependent on these meds, but I’m not the AVERAGE person and I never have been. I quit the meds and just worked harder in the gym as I do to this day, actually using your programs!!.

    The harder I push the better I feel. I’ve been clean off of my anxiety meds for 2 years and I’m stronger mentally and physically than I have ever been.

    This is my story on REFUSING TO BE AVERAGE….sorry for the length. Sometimes it takes a story to explain how someone becomes who they are today.

    Thank you Travis for your time. You are a true inspiration, Brother.

    And thanks to the Train Aggressive 110% HAM family for taking the time to read this.

    All the Best,


  13. Charles Mosca says:

    I choose to beat average everyday. I love to take challenges and doing the right thing everyday. As a practitioner of stocism, it’s my duty not to give in to average. Most of my life I have been bullied, stepped on, munipulated, hurt and even ostracized by my fellow peers because I was different. At first I tried to be average so I could be accepted by society, by my parents, girls, so called friends and even those close to me. However I have realized that trying to be average was helping with my self destruction. Weight training was part of my first step to become more then average but it was not enough. I needed to be more in all aspects of my life. That’s when I found stoicism, a beautiful philosophy that helped unleash my true self. When I become fuled with rage I channel it into something more productive. I choose to stand up instead of being beating down. When ever I have had a bad day I choose to see the positive from it and what I learned from it. Instead of hating my worst enemy, I choose to love that enemy and choose to bring peace between us. When people talk shit about others I choose to bring something positive about that person to the table or to just walk way. I live life in the here and now instead of following pointless thoughts. I work to keep my ego in check, because it will become my own worst enemy. I choose to serve others rather then serving myself. I work double time so that me and my wife can have an amazing future together with our kids growing up in a secure environment and will be able to go to college. Whenever I make a decision, for example I am probably going to become a police officer, those around me try to tell me it’s a terrible idea and that I shouldn’t do it. However I am going to do it any way because it’s the right thing to do. In my training I refuse to give anything else my focus. When I start lifting, that’s all I focus on and that’s all I see. I don’t stop to talk to anyone and visualize how I I’ll complete my next lift. When ever I feel tired, I yell at myself to keep going and not give up, to be an animal. Whenever I am giving time, I help my wife around the house, cleaning, laundry and dishes, as the average husband would lay around and do nothing I choose to be a great team mate. I am not perfect at all by any means but everyday I learn something new on how to be better then yesterday
    Thank you Travis for this challenge

    1. keith ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Im not very good at expressing myself in words, so this video expresses in action all the challenges i have overcome, and am continuing to overcome since joining train aggressive. Everything I have overcome in terms of working out has transferred over into my daily life by attacking each situation I need to being full committed 110%.

  14. casey says:

    i refuse to be like everone else because im not like everyone else lol… but ive Always had a mind set of training hard, whether its smart training, i have Always like to be the type that will train a certain way im not good at and make myself better at my weaknesses, im sorry this is not a decent write up or it might not make sense but whats it really mean, talks cheap, i hate it i just like to train and thats it, i dont care if anyone sees it as long as i know i did it for myself

  15. Brian Inselman ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    My whole life has been going against the grain. I do what I feel is right not what others all do. Many times it will leave me on an island, such as when I wondered what happens when you don’t go on a field trip like everyone else does when I was in elementary school. I found out, you just sit in the office all day doing nothing and being bored out of your mind, but I still chose it and own my decision. As an adult and opening my own physical therapy practice, I named it Nebraska Doctors of Physical Therapy as I was proud of my degree and who I was and went for it. No one opens a clinic directly out of college, I did it within a week of graduating. Also, no one takes their boards until months after graduating. I did it within a week and passed, then opened my clinic. I also don’t practice traditional physical therapy. I utilize a technique called Muscle Activation Techniques to correct the source of a problem rather than the symptom. This technique may call for me to work on your ankle to correct your shoulder. Traditional therapy has me looking only at your shoulder and if I never addressed your ankle, you may be injuring your shoulder with every step you take. I can go on for a long time about this, but my big thing is to do what I feel is the right thing to do and answer to God, myself and the ones I love. As long as I am living right and doing this, I know I can not go wrong, even if everyone else is doing something totally different. So for me, going against the grain is pretty much a norm.

    1. Train Aggressive
      Train Aggressive ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Brian, AKA “B”, you my friend are as far as you can get from “AVERAGE”. A LEADER, super dad, and all around BAD Mo Fo! Truly APPRECIATE you and the RESPECT I have for you continue to grows. Keep on it dude!

  16. Tony Williams says:

    Travis, I love the new slogan of “REFUSE AVERAGE”!
    Early on in life I realized I was not going to be the most physically gifted nor smartest person in the room and I couldn’t do anything about that fact. But I could control my work ethic and decided I would not be out work in anything. I have applied that mantra to everything I do in life. I have achieved success professionally and personally. I have three boys and I have taught them each of them this valuable life lesson of hard work and its reward. Now we have a new mantra, NEVER BE OUT-WORKED and REFUSE AVERAGE! I love it!

    Thanks for all the hard work you do….I have been a gym rat for over 20 years and the standard routines had gotten pretty stale until I can across your workout routines. I am reinvigorated!

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