Get Better With Metcon “Sprint Intervals”

By on August 31, 2014

One of my favorite ways to get better at your traditional metcons is with what I like to call, “Metcon Sprint Intervals”.

These are NOT like your traditional sprint intervals in which you’d do an actual sprint like a 40 yard dash or even 200m run, rest then repeat.

While those are super effective at getting you shredded, strong, and powerfully conditioned, they are not what I’m referring to here.

With “Metcon Sprint Intervals”, I take the same concept a normal sprint interval would use but apply it to your traditional metcon set up.

To show you an example of this in action, check out the video below where I perform Metcon Sprint Intervals doing 100m run, 5 Power Cleans, and 7 Muscle Ups:

In this set up, what I’m trying to focus in on are a few things:

#1 – Keep the INTENSITY of each round as HIGH as possible – that is of course what the main concept of most intervals is all about = INTENSITY.

One of the main ways I can track that is through keeping track of each round’s time.  If my time increases, then I know my overall intensity is dropping off a bit.

#2 – Keep the movements UNBROKEN – this is one of the hardest parts of the interval which is one of the most critical – Get BETTER at doing high skilled or heavy movement UNBROKEN when tired.  If you can do this, you’ll definitely be able to metcon faster.

#3 – Stay within the Work to Rest Ratios – For this set up, my goal was to hit a round every 3 minutes.  The first few rounds took me just around 1:20 which gave me just about the same amount of time for rest.  As I got deeper into the rounds, my rest time grew a bit smaller which helped me really push my conditioning threshold.

What this type of set up ultimately helps you improve on are your actual metcon’s. 

For instance, the set up I was using in the video was to help prepare me for the metcon below:

12-9-6 Of:

Power Clean @ 225
Muscle Ups

So, instead of attacking that workout head on, you simply break it up into smaller “Metcon Sprint Interval” sets and attack each of those at full intensity.

Overtime, once you put it all together you’ll be able to go faster.

Of course, things like pacing, knowing your personal limits and breaking points, plus keying in on your strengths (or weaknesses) all play a BIG role in going faster overall.

Those I’ll leave for some other posts.

For now, give it time and Go H.A.M.

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