Lindsey Earl

Lindsey-Head-ShotLindsey Earl is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer at Titan CrossFit in Baltimore, Maryland, and student in Eastern Michigan University’s Master of Science in Dietetics program. She believes that every person deserves to achieve any potential they desire in life, and that a healthy mind and body are crucial to making this happen. She seeks to guide people to health through nutrition and fitness education and counseling.

Lindsey does not believe in a one-size-fits all diet and exercise plan. Every person is unique, and their road to health is just as individualized. Where a dramatic change to a strict diet and exercise plan may jump start one person into a healthier lifestyle, this approach may be widely unsuccessful. As a nutrition professional, determining each person’s needs is dependent on Lindsey’s ability to connect with the person, and this is her favorite part! How a person eats and exercises is only a small component of the overall whole of their life, one full of its own unique challenges, activities, joys and achievements. The “right” way to stay healthy fits well within this whole.

Through research, education, personal experience, and the experiences of others, Lindsey has witnessed the powerful impact of food. Whether your goal is to lose body fat, gain strength, feel more energized, reduce diet-related ailments, or just generally be healthier, your food choices have a say in the outcome. Lindsey believes that a person’s success at achieving their wellness goals is more than writing a meal plan and exercise schedule. It is about empowering them through knowledge and counseling to make more of these choices on their own. This will increase their chances for success.

Lindsey-Overhead-SquatAs a CrossFit athlete and trainer, Lindsey has seen a great diversity in age, personality, body size and type, health problems, and fitness levels undertake the project to become healthy. What she has learned is that there is no barrier that a person cannot knock down, go through, or find an alternate route around to achieving their goals and desires. The challenge is, how? Lindsey wants to help anyone motivated to ask that question, answer it.

Before beginning Eastern Michigan University’s Master in Dietetics program, Lindsey graduated from Goucher College in Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. An animal lover, she originally wanted to go into Veterinary Medicine, and obtained her Veterinary Technician Certification from Parkland College in Illinois. While working as a Vet Tech, Lindsey discovered CrossFit, and instantly found the field she knew she was meant to be in. She was soon asked to become a certified trainer, and realized her lifetime interest in healthy eating and cooking, could turn into a career. Upon returning to her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland to begin her Master’s program, she continues to love witnessing the hard work and achievements of the athletes she coaches at Titan CrossFit. She looks forward to graduating, and being able to put what she has learned into practice as a Registered Dietitian.

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