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Dear fellow strength training enthusiast,

I can remember all the way back to when I was in high school and was doing barbell complexes after wrestling practice.

Back then I had no clue as to why we were doing these “complexes”, all I knew was that they were helping me get into top shape, got me stronger, plus help with shredding off body fat.

I specifically remember how short and fast these “barbell complexes” were.

We would grab a barbell, do 4-5 different movements for 5-8 reps a piece without letting the bar down and we’d repeat that for about 3-4 total sets then be done!

These routines were short, sweet, but BRUTAL.

One things for sure…

We weren’t wasting our time with…


With Complexes, All you’ll need is a barbell and some weight!



My name is Travis Stoetzel.

I’m a professional strength coach, gym owner, serious lifting and strength training addict and I’m here to share with you one of the most powerful of training methods.

As I reminisced above, I can still remember how BRUTAL those barbell complexes were back in high school after wrestling practice.

Best part about doing them all was that they were over before I knew it! We were literally in and out in 15-20 mins!

And today, I still use barbell complexes in many, highly effective

ways and I’m going to show YOU exactly how I do it too.

As I mentioned, I’m a strength coach and since I first began training athletes and clients, I’ve always used complexes within all of my programming.

Didn’t matter is I was training an Athlete, Non-Athlete…

When used right, Barbell Complexes can be used by everyone.

I train my fighters with complexes to help them build up conditioning and get leaned up for fights.

I also use barbell complexes with my football, basketball, and baseball players to help build up strength and power.

And as for my normal, weekend warrior, “Avg Joe” clients, we’d  use complexes to help shred fat and build lean muscle.

Complexes will BUILD MUSCLE and get YOU LEAN While

Helping YOU Save TONS Of Time…

Fact is, you can use barbell complexes for STRENGTH, POWER, CONDITIONING, or even FAT LOSS.

It just depends on how YOU want to use them (which I’ve got all laid out for you)

The bottom line is, barbell complexes are a truly effective training tool.

So why should you be concerned about learning more about Barbell Complexes???

Well, let me ask you some quick questions……

Do you hate CARDIO???

Would you like to forget about doing cardio forever??

How would you like to forget about doing cardio, while you focus in on LOSING MORE FAT and BUILDING MORE LEAN MUSCLE, in LESS time??

Have I got your attention now???

For starters, wouldn’t you want to discover how to use these barbell complexes in the BEST ways possible?

Because I DON’T want you to be doing the WRONG types of things with a barbell…


Good news is… within my Barbell Complex manual, I go in depth on how to construct different complexes for different goals so you won’t be making bad mistakes and wasting time or putting yourself at risk of a serious injury (like in that picture from above)

For example, if your goal is to add strength, you wouldn’t want to be doing barbell complexes that are geared towards fat loss would you?

And if you’re an athlete looking to increase overall performance, you’re not going to want to be doing complexes that might take away from your overall performance right?


And on top of learning how to build your own complexes, I give you over 30 different TRIED, TESTED, BATTLE DRIVEN and FIELD APPROVED Barbell Complexes that will help you save time and effort on building them yourself!

INTRODUCING…  Barbell Battlefield, The Ultimate Barbell Complex Training Manual


$47 TODAY ONLY $9.95

So why would YOU want to get your hands on this manual?

Well, the question should be… “Why Not?”

Truth be told, if you’re not using barbell complexes as a means to get results, you’re missing the boat BIG TIME!

Barbell training goes way back in time and it’s not going any where soon….

The fact is, if you want results and you want them quickly, you’ve got to be training with a barbell.

Better yet, you need to be MAXIMIZING what it is you do with a barbell if you want the BEST results possible.

And this is exactly why you need to know HOW, WHEN, WHY, and WHAT type of complexes you need to be doing.


  • Get Access To over 30 BRUTAL barbell complexes that will keep your hand full of challenging and results producing routines that will keep you well beyond busy for many weeks to come ($47 Value)
  • You’ll get not one, but TWO sample strength and conditioning programs that you can use that show you exactly how to incorporate barbell complexes into your training program that supply you with a FULL 4 week STRENGTH template plus a 4 week FAT LOSS/ CONDITIONING template. ($47 Value)
  • Your conditioning levels will go through the roof and your MENTAL TOUGHNESS will THICKEN so that you can train harder and push through intense training sessions with ease!
  • You’ll save $$$ as you’ll not need a ton of different pieces of equipment! In fact, all you need is a barbell and some weights!
  • You’ll get access to TONS of exercise pictures and in depth descriptions on how to perform the different movements within the barbell complexes so that you know exactly what to do when you hit the gym to crank out your newly discovered complex.
  • You’ll get access to a detailed discussion area that goes over the REPS, SETS, and WEIGHT you need to be using for different types of complexes so that you can set up your complexes the right way for gains in Strength, Power, or Fat Loss.

PLUS… Since I wanted to go the extra mile, I’m hooking you up with a special FAST ACTION BONUS…

The Double Bells – Double STRENGTH Training Guide ($47 Value)

When you grab the my Barbell Complex Training Manual
on SALE, you’ll also get the NEW “Double Bells / Double
Workout Manual + Video Demos for FREE
as a special BONUS.
Inside this manual you’ll get access to 11 awesome and super
effective strength building, fat shredding double kettlebell
(or dumbbell) complexes that you can use anytime you need
them for an extra special challenge.
This program isn’t available anywhere else but here
as a special BONUS with Barbell Battlefield!


Just be Warned… These complexes are NOT EASY!

You WILL be tested…

You will have to work hard, but the RESULTS will be worth the extra effort.

Just prepare yourself to get JACKED UP, STRONG, and LEAN!

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 2.04.59 PM

$47 –> TODAY ONLY $9.95


To your gains in Strength, Power and, Muscle!

Travis Stoetzel, CSCS

Author, Creator “Barbell Battlefield”

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Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 2.04.59 PM

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