Attention: If you’re bored with your workouts and the lack of results you’ve been seeing and are finally ready for a serious change of pace, keep reading about how this odd and unconventional method of training will change everything…

Discover How This Unique Blend Of Training Will Build Athletic-Muscle, Powerful Strength, Plus Shred Off Body Fat All At Once Simply By Using Your Own Bodyweight, Some Kettlebells, And A Sandbag.

Get Ready To Transform Yourself Into A Ruthless Machine With This Hardcore, But Highly Effective Training System That Will Produce FREAKISH Results Fast!

Dear Friend,

You’re about to unleash one of the most potent and effective athletic muscle building systems that has ever been put together.

If you’re someone that wants to be STRONG, RIPPED, and ATHLETIC rather than being just “big and bulky”, or kind of strong, then you’ve come to the right place as I’m going to reveal to you below how using a unique blend of different unconventional strength tools is going to help you change your physique and fitness results forever.

If you’re like a lot of people out there, it’s to me best guess that you don’t want to be so huge and muscular that you can’t move around properly or be somewhat functional right?


Now, just to give you a little insight, I’ve done the whole “strict bodybuilding” routine before where I wasted countless amount of hours in the gym doing isolation type exercises with working out on machines while doing an endless amount of sets and reps. In the end, results wise, all I ended up with was a little bit more muscle, LESS STRENGTH, and my athleticism had decreased.

In addition to that, my excitement and passion for training were starting to fad away with the all boring and ineffective routines.

But, it wasn’t until after I started playing around with some of the more different and unconventional types of training that I finally discovered and developed a “system” that would actually help me build lean muscle and increase my strength, all while helping me get lean and stay athletic!

I was sick and tired of the same old routines. All that appeared to be happening was I was stripping myself of my athleticism and bulking myself up to look like a HUGE bodybuilder!

I can’t think of anyone I know of that wants to be HUGE and SLOW like most of the professional “meat head” bodybuilders are.  Nothing against bodybuilders or anything like that, but I would much rather look like an MMA fighter, Olympic sprinter, or a ripped up NFL football player.

Wouldn’t you agree?

A look like this gives you:


But, when it comes to looking like this, you want to actually possess these traits as well right?



Not just look the part!

You don’t want to be some sort of poser/model that’s really just all “SHOW and NO GO” right?

Over the years I’ve been training not only myself but countless amounts of other people that have been living proof that my unconventional system of strength truly does work.

These people included top level athletes and your regular “weekend warrior” type from your complete beginner just wanting a new start to their fitness.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a competitive athlete or just “regular Joe” looking to get RIPPED and ATHLETIC, this system works for those willing to work hard and put in the effort.

Every single person that has put in the effort, has seen RESULTS because when you train like we do, you’ll not only build up a LEAN and MEAN physique, but also build up a STRONG MIND as well!

So, after many hours, days, weeks, and months of going through countless amounts of training sessions and seeing the results first hand, I’m ready to unleash the system that will bring YOU:

  • Explosive Gains In Full Body Strength and Muscle
  • Insane Increases In Stamina, All-Day Energy, and Vigor
  • Shredded Body Fat For A Lean And Athletic Physique
  • Improved Confidence, Mental Toughness, and Focus



The SECRET to this “system” is how it strategically blends together Bodyweight, Sandbags, and Kettlebells into a full program.

Think about it for a second.  When you break down these modes of training, you get the best of all worlds when it comes to getting amazing RESULTS.


The base foundation of all strength training.  If you’re not strong with your own bodyweight, you’ll be weak in other areas as well!  Bodyweight training is your foundation.

In The Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight Training System, you’ll:

  • Learn proper progressions and variations of all the essential bodyweight movements so you can move with powerful grace and efficiency.
  • Gain mobility and athleticism through advanced bodyweight movements and progressions so you can keep gaining strength week after week
  • Unique intervals and circuits will build up supreme amounts of conditioning and explosiveness


The PROBLEM: Too many people totally neglect bodyweight training altogether or absolutely fail to focus more attention on the essential movements needed to get top results.

Don’t let this be you!


This is one of the most POWERFUL methods of training that’s unfortunately widely underused and unknown.  Sandbag training helps increase total body strength and power while also building up greater levels of mental toughness.

  • Build up levels of Brute Strength by digging into  HEAVY sandbags which will test your body in new ways that you’ve never been hit with.
  • Construct hands of steel with a vice like grip by performing different variations of sandbag movements.
  • Destroy common weakness’ through the functionality and uniqueness through the use of general sandbag training.
  • Create a solid core of pure ripped muscle through the use of full body focused sandbag movements and variations which will blow your normal “ab routines” out of the water forever.

If you’re not taking advantage of how effective sandbag training is for your ultimate results, you are missing the boat.

Good news is that inside my program you’ll discover exactly how to properly use and implement in sandbag in the best way possible.


One of the oldest and most effective forms of strength training that is often overlooked and neglected is none of than Kettlebell Training.  What makes this form of training so lethal is the shear amount of versatility kettlebells have that will push your training to new unknown heights.o use!

  • Shred Up Body Fat like mad through the many different types of kettlebell complexes and circuits you’ll unleash within the BBB Training System
  • Learn all of the basic progressions and variations of the essential kettlebell movements needed for the best results possible
  • Build up an “Iron Mind” simply by touching kettlebells and learning how to properly implement them into your program through this program.
  • Increase overall Strength and Power through the many different athletically based full body kettlebell movements.

Get with the old and join the revolution.  This manual will show you how to MAXIMIZE the use of Kettlebells for your best results ever!


The real secret behind why my system works so effectively is with how I’ve been able to specially blend together three of the most powerful training methods into a single program.

By using my unique blend of methods in the exact program I’ve developed for you in The Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight Training System, you’ll push your body into drastically transforming itself likes it’s never done before.

You’re going to build up loads of strength, power, conditioning, and improve overall athleticism. 

I’ve not only mapped out what you need to do but have also specifically gone into detail about each training modality within my system so you can use each to its highest potential.

Inside My System, This Is What You’ll Uncover:


This is the MAIN SYSTEM’S Manual Complete with 10 Different Phases of 3 Day Workout Plans.

Inside the 10 Phases, you’ll…

  • Discover something I like to call “COMBO TRAINING” that will build more power and strength than ever imagined.
  •  See and experience some killer Sandbag complexes that will build super levels of endurance that will have you shredded up and strong.
  • Using a unique blend of bodyweight and kettlebells you will carve out your abs and melt bodyfat while using a variety of different high-intensity circuits.
  • Unleash “Phase 10” of the program using density sets, complexes, and special challenges to crank up your results higher than even on pg 41.
  • Start implementing this “Animal Circuit’ to develop full body strength, power, and conditioning
  • Discover “Phase 5” which has you combine the use of both Kettlebells and Sandbags together for double impact on building strength and muscle.
  • This Killer Kettlebell Complex will turn you into a complete MONSTER! Pg. 32

The Bodyweight Training Manual ($29 value)

  • Gives detailed demos of the most effective bodyweight movements used in the system for strength and athleticism
  •  Supplies loads of descriptive videos and pictures
  •  Discover all of the various progressions and regressions to ALL of the movements used within the main system


The Sandbag Training Manual ($29 value)

  • Shows detailed variations on grips, positioning, and loading of the bag for best results.
  • Go through all the proper progressions, regressions, and variations for all of the unique movements within the main system’s manual.
  • Discover just why sandbag are one of the most effective strength and power building tools around.


The Kettlebell Training Manual ($29 Value)

  • Shows detailed variations on all the essential kettlebell movements.
  • Goes through all the proper progressions, regressions, and variations for all of the unique kettlebell movements used within the main system’s manual
  • Discover just why kettlebells are one of the most brutally effective strength and power building modalities used.
  • Provides links to specific kettlebell training videos


Dumbbell Domination ($47 value)

Don’t Have Kettlebells???  This is the complete guide on showing you how to implement dumbbells into the system’s workouts if you don’t have access to kettlebells

  • Goes through all of the different dumbbell variations and progressions of the most lethal and effective training exercises that can replace kettlebell movements!
  • Includes detailed pictures and videos of all of the movements used
  • Don’t let EXCUSES be the reason why you’re not getting results!  This manual will give you the versatility needed to get you to the next level!


PLUS… I wanted to go the extra mile
which is why Today Only  you’ll also get


In addition to The Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight Training System, you’ll also be getting a series of Strength Audios from some WELL KNOWN coaches from around the country ($390 value)!   This is an exclusive collection of interviews I did with coaches that live and die the HARDCORE training lifestyle as well and I want YOU to have these along with my system for FREE.  You’ll be able to download and listen to these exclusive audios instantly after you take fast action today

Here are the coaches you’ll get to hear from:

Isaac Wilkins of Wilkins Power and Strength ($49 value): Isaac Unleashes some serious info on how he’s building peeps into stronger, more heavily conditioned war machines!  From the serious athlete to the everyday Joe, Isaac unleashes real strength info!

“The People’s Fit Coach” Sincere Hogan ($49 value): Sincere lets us in on how he trains serious adults using a fine blend of kettlebells and bodyweight.  He’s also a competitive kettlebell athlete as well who has a whole barrage of training info!

Strength Interview with Matty “The Beast From the East” Wichlinski ($49 value): Matt is one of the STRONGEST pound for pound dudes I know!  He’s now the Head Strength Coach at the WWE Performance Center in FL and lays down some serious strength info in this interview!

Owner of Element 5 Fitness and Kirkland Underground Strength, Coach Belton Lubas ($49 value): In this 40+ min recording, Belton unleashes some SERIOUS talk about mental training for physical results!  Highly powerful stuff NOT to be missed!

The “Speed Freak” John Cortese ($49 value): Owner and fellow HARDCORE Garage gym owner, John Cortese of Cortese Strength and Performance shares his knowledge on speed training and getting more explosive and fast!  Great for both serious athletes and non!

Travis Self of FITT Warehouse ($49 value): One of the top athletic training coaches around, Travis shares his points on training young to pro level athletes all the way to old “weekend warrior” type adults.  Not to be missed!

In-depth Audio With Rick Daman of Daman Strength ($49 value): A master of getting young kids STRONG as heck, Damon shares his methods of madness from his special workouts to nutritional strategies.


In this manual, you’ll discover how to make your very own sandbags from scratch and how you can save some serious $$$ in he process while getting strong, jacked and athletic!

  • This manual takes you step by step on how to construct your very own sandbag for pennies on the dollar!
  • Discover how to create your very own ruthless tool of strength!
  • Sandbags are a must and this manual will help you rid the EXCUSES of not having a sandbag!

HARDCORE BONUS #3 – The SPRINT THROWDOWN’S Ultimate Conditioning Manual ($37 value)

15-SPRINT-ThrowdownsIn this manual, you’ll get access to 15 different sprint-specific “throwdowns” which are short, high-intensity workout challenges that will push your body to the limit helping you shred fat and build powerful muscle all at once.

  • Just like within the BBB Training System, you’ll unleash powerful combinations of bodyweight only training mixed in with sprints, KB and DB complexes, and sandbags that will have you huffing and puffing (all in a good way of course)
  • You’ll also get access to 2 “Sprinter Specific” warm-ups and cool downs that are perfect for when you want to get yourself ready to move at full speed.  These will help you improve your overall mobility and athleticism adding to your results.

You’re Getting ALL Of This…

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 9.37.29 PM


Normally $77 ==> ONLY $37


The best part of this all is that this system is completely all downloadable, so once you
invest into this system, you’ll instantly get access!

All you need is 3 days a week and about an hour per training day to commit yourself to

Just click to button below and you can start busting through The Bags, Bells, and
Bodyweight Training System in no time!

$77 –> $37

AND… If you’re even slightly skeptical, here’s the BEST NEWS of all…

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 8.43.41 PM

My main purpose here is to help SERIOUS people achieve higher levels of fitness and I know for a fact that this plan that will help you get there.  The Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight Training System was created for the sole purpose of being the go-to program that people could follow to get to their highest level of fitness ever.  Instead of people continuing to try and fail on their own or continue to with other ineffective programs, they can now follow a full proof plan that works.

So, I want to help start a revolution here.  I want to have more and more people step away from the typical ways of training and break free to a much greater and more powerful form of athletic based training.  Not only will my system help transform your physique, but it will also transform your mind.

I’m helping people reach their overall peak potential.  

With The Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight Training System, you’re not only going to build the ultimate physique that’s strong, powerful, and lean, but also with a mind that’s been molded to be unbreakable.  You’ll be all around STRONG!

Time to make it happen!

Travis Stoetzel, CSCS
Creator, The Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight Training System

PS – The time is NOW to start building more muscle while getting leaner and stronger.

PPS – You only have so long to sit around and wait to get into the best shape of your life.  Take action NOW!

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 9.37.29 PM

$77 ==> $37


 ***NOTICE – This is a 100% DIGITAL EBOOK – There will be NO Physical Product Shipped***

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