4 KEYS to building powerful and atheltic muscle

By on October 4, 2014

When it comes to training, I’m more about keeping it as simple as possible.


Because when you keep things more simple VS super complex, that’s when you really blast out results that shine.

In my mind, there’s 4 KEY THINGS you must have in order to build powerful muscle, explosive strength, insane conditioning, all while shredding off bodyfat at the same time.


It can be done and when you focus on these 4 KEYS, it will be done.

1) Train for Athleticism and Power

If you not only want to PERFORM good while you train to look good, you’ve got to train with speed and explosiveness.

Some of my favorite ways to add this in is within the warm up by adding in jumps, skips, and various hops.

And if I don’t do that, I’ll typically always have some sort of power-based movement in the start of my session.

My favorites right now are of course any of the Olympic Lift variations which all of the different types of the snatch, clean and jerk, and clean on it’s own.

If those are too complex and advanced for you, and type of sandbag, kettlebells or even dumbbell Olympic Lift variations work great as well.

2) Get STRONGER with your Own Bodyweight

When it comes to building more strength and athleticism, there’s no other way to do it right than with your own bodyweight.

This is a lost art in my mind that too many people neglect all to much when in reality, this should be a major staple in your training.

You should definitely be rotating through these powerful muscle and strength building movements at all times:

  • All push up variationsDragonFlag 380 My TOP 10 Core Movements
  • Handstand Push ups and Pike Presses
  • All Pull Up variations
  • Squats, Lunges, and Pistol Squats
  • All types of animal movements (bear crawls, seal crawls, ect)
  • Dips (if your shoulders are healthy – these are BEAST)
  • Ring Movements – Muscle Ups, L-Sit Holds, Levers, ect
  • Glute Ham Raises, Extension, and Sit Ups (if you got a GHD)
  • Rope Climbs (best for building back strength and biceps)

As I said, too many people NEGLECT old school bodyweight training in fear of getting weak or not being able to build muscle.

That’s a BIG NO-NO.

You’ll actually get stronger and with the added strength will be able to pack on athletic muscle like nothing.

Don’t skip out on using the BEST gym in the world  is your own body 😉

3) Train HEAVY but Train SMART

Now going off my last point, I didn’t say that HEAVY lifting should be totally ruled out

No, when you properly combine heavy lifting with bodyweight training that’s when you have a WINNING COMBINATION.

When it comes to lifting heavy sh*t, my favorite lifts are the BASIC lifts.

In my mind the Olympic Squat variations are king (both the front and back).

front squat

From there I LOVE Deadlifts (both conventional and athletic stance), Overhead Presses, and Heavy Bent Rows.

In conjunction to that I LOVE heavy weighted pull ups of all variations as well (if you’re strong enough to hit em).

My favorite rep scheme to train strength is around the 6 to 2 rep range.

Single’s are great WHEN you’ve earned the right to do HEAVY singles but a lot of people are a bit to quick to hit these when their not ready.

As I said in the beginning of this point it’s about lifting HEAVY but lifting SMART as well.

Form and technique need to be the number one focus because when it comes to strength, it’s all about QUALITY and PROGRESSION.

When you focus on that, EXPECT GAINS 😉

4) Condition HARD and Sprint

We were ALL born to sprint.

If you’re not sprinting, I’d suggest adding them in at least one time a week if not two.

Start with a lower amount of volume then slowly build up from there.

If you haven’t sprinted for a while, start off by doing hill sprints first then progress to flat ground.

The key with sprints is how they force you to move as fast and as explosively as possible which will bring good things to return to you including more powerful muscle and losses in body fat.

Plus sprinting is one of the most athletic things you can do 😉

As far as conditioning goes, sprints work great for these, but if you want more, I always say to Go H.A.M. with it but keep it short.

Conditioning should be just that.

Short, INTENSE, and to the point.

Best place I use conditioning is in at the end of your session to use as a good ol’ workout finisher.

If shredding bodyfat is your main focus, finishers should be added in to ALL of your sessions.

If strength is more of a focus, feel free to leave them out.

Either way, just make sure to keep them short and sweet.

More is NEVER better.

BETTER is better 😉


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